I'm a long time Sugarista and huge fan of small business

 In 2007 I left my less than exciting desk job to attend an Esthetics program (Beauty Therapist training) in the US to dive into an interest I had for natural skincare. It was there that I first learned about Body Sugaring, an ancient Egyptian method of hair removal that uses a paste made of only lemon, Sugar and water. I was so intrigued that I spent days googling and finally found a Sugaring class I could enroll in. I drove 10 hours to take that Sugaring course and have never looked back. That was 9 years ago but truthfully it feels like yesterday. So what have I been doing since then? Well, Sugaring! A whole heck of a lot of Sugaring, teaching Sugaring, training Educators to teach Sugaring, learning how to import Sugar - you name it. Sugaring is my business and I know it well. 

In 2008 I founded my very first Sugaring and Natural Skincare studio in central Illinois. I spent a good amount of cash setting up a gorgeous little treatment room and stocking a really fancy Organic Skincare line. I flung the doors open and spent the next two years struggling to get enough clients to be profitable. That was my first venture in entrepreneurship and for all intensive purposes it was a flop. I didn't quite know how to market myself or my services. That skill would come later through much trial and error. But something really exciting happened about a year into business. I was offered the opportunity to become a Sugaring Educator and decided to go for it. My technique grew leaps and bounds from that point on.

Flash forward to 2011. I moved to Portland, Oregon and decided to give business ownership another go. I leased a teeny tiny treatment room, bought a simple table, printed some promotion cards off and hit the streets. I was the 4th Sugarista on the scene in Portland but most people still had never heard of the technique. I'll spare you all the details of my next 5 years in business but let's just say the second time around I made it happen! My studio The Sugarista became known as one of the best Sugaring Studios in the city. The studio grew to accommodate 4 Sugaristas, became highly profitable and we managed to keep 100% 5 Star reviews for 5 years. I finally figured out how to launch and keep a business running. In the meantime I also trained well over 100 women how to Sugar! 

I am incredibly proud to have built an amazing community of Sugaristas that collaborate, support and encourage each others' growth. This community flourishes based on the premise that there is no competition amongst businesses, only opportunity for growth. I have witnessed first hand how generosity and community can take something small and turn it into something big and abundant. I've proudly trained staff for almost every one of my "competitors" in Portland and those studio owners have grown to become some of my best friends.  So, ultimately the heart and soul of London Sugaring Company is its community. As innovators and early adaptors to what I believe will be the next big treatment in Natural Beauty we cannot operate in a vacuum!

So how did I end up moving from the US to England? Love. A sense of adventure. An idea. I am an American Sugarista launching an American made Organic Sugar Paste in the UK and I could not be more excited! I see the huge potential for eco and green treatments here and an entirely untapped market when it comes to Organic Hair Removal, for both myself and for all you skincare therapists out there. In fact, I don't think there is a better time or place for Sugaring to take the main stage than right now and right here in the UK, a huge hub for beauty with a burgeoning natural skincare scene. 

So, that's a bit about my background. Today I also head up US based Education for Tamara's Sugar as well as work with all new International Distributors as the Director of Education & International Distribution.  I love yoga, astrology, dance parties, retreats and champagne. I am a competitive open water swimmer and nothing excites me more than a good camping trip. I'm also totally smitten with my Italian hubby and little boy. Two things that are always on my mind - travel and business! I'm proud to have recently celebrated 10 years business ownership.