THe UK's First
Certified Organic Sugar Paste


Tamara's Organic and Fair Trade Sugar Paste is the first of its kind to be introduced in the UK. In fact there are very few Certified Organic Sugar Paste brands available worldwide. Tamara's Sugar is created by brand Founder Tamara Anderson and produced in Washington, USA. Tamara's Sugar is highly recognized and respected by Sugaring Studios and Practitioners throughout the US. Available in three consistencies for use by practitioners of all levels, Tamara's Organic Range has Paste to suit new and veteran Sugaristas.


Natural + Effective Pro Product


In addition to Organic Sugar Paste, London Sugaring Company also carries Tamara's full line of Professional Pre and Post Products, each containing an average of 85% Organic ingredients. Pre-Sugar Cleanser is the perfect lightweight skin prep product for all areas of the body. Body Tonic is a floral water toning spray great for use before and after Sugaring services. Drying Powder is essential for effective Sugaring and 100% Talc Free. All Sugaring services are then finished with Tamara's aloe based After Sugar Lotion. Soothing Oil provides a cooling, antiseptic layer of protection to freshly Sugared areas and is perfect for blending with the After Sugar Lotion.




London Sugaring Company also carries Tamara's full line of Sweet Exfoliator Retail products. Having quality at home care to offer your clients not only ensures they will achieve optimal results from their monthly Sugaring appointments, but also helps generate revenue for your Studio. We are excited to offer Sweet Exfoliator Toner Pads, Sweet Exfoliator Serum, Soothing Oil and the Tamara's brand new Bamboo Exfoliator Polish. This line is incredibly popular in the US so we are thrilled to offer it here in the UK and Ireland in the coming month.


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