Sugaring is the next big thing in Hair Removal

As a practitioner of Traditional Sugaring you'll impress you clients with your dexterity, but keep them coming back for the unparalleled results. Sugaring not only gently exfoliates the skin, but it refines and reduces regrowth faster than you'd imagine. For this reason Sugaring clients are some of the most loyal you'll ever meet. They appreciate the expertise and attention to details that a well trained, well practiced practitioner can provide. Sugaristas and Sugarists trained through London Sugaring Company are some of the best in the business, having thoroughly studied both the Theory and Practical components of Sugaring. In addition, the ongoing support you'll receive will get you on the fast track to becoming a sought out expert in the Art of Sugaring.

Sugaring is one of the oldest methods of Hair Removal and originated in Ancient Egypt. This natural method uses a simple paste made from three ingredients, Sugar (of course!), Water and Lemon, or more commonly today, naturally derived Citric Acid. It's so clean that it's actually edible. Over the years Sugaring Technique has evolved quite a bit and today studios are offering Cold Sugar, Strip Sugar, Sugar Wax and our area of specialty Traditional Sugaring, aka the Hand Method. Our Traditional Sugaring technique involves manipulating gently heated Organic Sugar Paste which is then applied by hand using a molding action, then flicked off with a snap of the wrist. Hair is extracted in the direction of growth with Sugar Paste making it incredibly effective. It is truly an art, no doubt about it! 


you'll fall in love with Sugaring


Sugaring is an all natural method of Hair Removal. 

Tamara's Sugar is Certified Organic & Fair Trade. Go green baby!

Sugar Paste is not hot. It will never burn or sensitize your skin.

Sugar is water soluble. Hello! Easy clean up, erase mistakes!

Sugar paste cannot lift live skin. 

Sugaring extracts hair in the direction of growth, less ingrowns!

Sugaring  leads to refinement and reduction in regrowth.

Sugar can extract active growth, getting out more short hair.

Sugaring is an Art. You'll enjoy the process and love the results.

You can make 23x your investment back on ONE tub of Sugar!


 Ten Reasons Sugaring is a great business decision


1 /  The Natural and Organic Beauty Market is growing fast. 
2 /  You can still be the first to bring Sugaring to your city or area.
3 /  Sugaring is a low overhead service. No sticks, no strips. It's simple!
4 /  Hair removal is big business and heavily searched on google.
5 /   Sugaring clients are as loyal as they come. Yes to repeat business!
6 /   It's easy to up sell clients to try Sugaring in new areas, just ask.
7 /   One piece of Sugar paste can be used in multiple areas of the body.
8 /  One tub of Sugar can complete up to 15 Hollywood Bikinis.
9 /   Sugaring is unique, new to the market and exciting!
10 / Talented Sugaristas are coveted for Education positions.