WOW, it's hot. When you're having a meltdown, do this.......

Summer has arrived in full force! Temps are UP and the sun is blaring. Now this is typically cause for some serious celebration, but if you are booked back to back with Sugaring clients you might find yourself longing for cooler temps and an icepack strapped to your forehead. I won't Sugar coat it for you (pun intended). Hair removal of any type in hot temps can be tricky and with Sugar paste you might find yourself stressing about melt down if your room is too hot. So, here are a few things you can do to combat the heat.

1. Stock Firm/Strong Sugar Paste ASAP! If you've been working with Sugar for any amount of time you know that room temps and body temps can dictate how your Sugar performs in terms of consistency. We are using a natural product after all. If you do not already have a Firm paste option at your fingertips PLEASE get some asap. When you get stuck or have a very high temp room or a new client wanting a first time full Hollywood you may need this stronger paste for terminal hair extraction.

2. FANS!! Get em, get a few. Air circulation is super important. If you don't have air conditioning (or even if you do) then you really need a few fans. Buy them on amazon to arrive tomorrow. Do not wait until you have a meltdown to start looking.

3. Portable air conditioner units: if you have a window to vent to then I would highly suggest investing in a portable unit. I did my first summer in Portland and I think it saved my life. Also available on Amazon. Be sure you are not buying a unit that is intended to humidify the air as well as cool it.  

4. Keep yourself cool - dress light, avoid hardcore workouts before heading to work (they raise the body temp), keep ice packs in the freezer for your back/forehead/underarms between clients and have cold drinks on hand. The cooler you are the less you transfer your heat into the paste.

5. Give your clients a cold wet towel to compress or clean up sweaty areas with. Tell them NO workouts before they arrive. 

6.  Early mornings and late nights - book clients on non-peak hours when the sun is not as hot. Try an early bird session from 7-11 AM and then re-open from 5-9. It's not ideal but it might just do the trick for the time being.

7. Used cold Sugar when necessary. Feel free to discard and grab new paste when you start to worry about meltdown for the time being. A bit of over use beats out a sticky mess any day.

8. BREATHE. Try to relax, give yourself longer appointment slots, take breaks, drink cold water, stand in front of a fan. Try not to stress.

9. Be honest. Tell your clients that the temperature can soften the Sugar paste so you might need a tiny bit of extra time for todays appointment.

10. I repeat - stock a Strong/Firm paste! It might be exactly what you need and no matter what it will get used this summer with the warmer temps, I promise. Whoever you are purchasing your paste from, contact them today and get at least 1 tub shipped out for midweek arrival. If you are using Tamara's Organic line I can get you Paste ASAP, just message me :)

Hope this is helpful! Stay cool Sugaristas!

- Stephanie