10 Reasons You Should Learn to Sugar

There are way more than 10 reasons why you should invest in learning the Art of Sugaring.....

But I know you're busy so I'll stay focused on 10.

1. Sugaring is a highly profitable skill. Yup, I am going to come right out the gate and talk about money. Maybe you're in business for yourself or you've been dreaming of starting your own business? Well profitability is a huge deal! I once surveyed 20 successful Sugaristas in the US to find out how many Hollywoods they could do with one tub of Sugar Paste. The range? 12-15! That means you can make your investment back around 23-29x the value of one tub of Sugar. BOOM.

2. Clients love Sugaring. I know this with certainty as I've Sugared a few thousand clients in my time. In fact, to my knowledge I've never lost a client to an alternative method of hair removal. The only clients I lost in my years in the treatment room left because I was often waitlisted for appointments and unable to see all my clients in a two week timeframe. How ya like that?

3. Sugaring is a fun, challenging and creative skill to learn. You will not be a genius Sugarista overnight but that's ok! Part of what makes Sugarists and Sugaristas so special is that they've fully committed to their craft. If you are longing for something creative, Sugaring will suit you really well.

4. Tamara's Sugar Paste is Organic. Yay for you, your clients, the environment and your bottom line. Catch that quote on the home page about the £61.2M Natural and Organic business booming here in the UK?

5. Sugaring offers your clients amazing results! Hair is extracted in the direction of growth so ingrowns are greatly reduced. Clients will hug you and rebook in heartbeat.

6. Continuing on that topic - Sugar Paste is not hot. Happy dance to that! No burning, no nervous applications wondering if the paste has been overheated.

7. Sugaring is growing rapidly in the US. Why does this matter? Well, hip west coast cities like Portland, Seattle and LA are seeing huge increases in interest in Sugaring and more and more studios are popping up. West coast beauty bloggers, the Huff Post, Insta influencers are all picking up Sugaring so soon it'll be everywhere. 

8. Now let's talk about you. You like to be different. This is one totally legitimate reason to learn to Sugar. You don't care to do what everyone else is doing. You are an innovator. Go you!

9. You care about ingredients A LOT. You can't handle nasties in your skincare so why should you have to have them in your hair removal product? You don't have to!

10. You like spending a weekend in London with fellow motivated beauty pros. You're looking for a community of cool and interesting people in this industry to support and be supported by. Well, consider it done!

11. Whoops - I know I said 10.......but lastly, maybe you're ready to take the leap and start a business? You can! I did and I'd love to help you do the same.

Cheers future Sugarists + Sugaristas! 

p.s. I am only an email away if you'd like to chat more. hello@londonsugaringcompany.com

Ummm, I have to point out that the two women you see observing in this photo not only own their own successful Sugaring Studios but they also both became Sugaring Educators. There is so much opportunity in Sugaring - love it!